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Zydus School Sports Day - Tyre Race video

my medal winning duck and run race! (Wish she could have watched live!)

Down memory lane: My First Stage Dance

My First Stage Dance Competition on my favourite song and I got the First Prize award also! (Satyam Montessori Dance Classes of Mrs. Gandhi)
Sneha didi, Mom, Papa and Baba saw my performance. Dadi could not watch as she was in Mumbai with Shishir Chachu.

(video captured on Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone)

Diwali 2010 at Ahmedabad

Fireworks as seen from Safal Parivesh around Ahmedabad City all FIFTEEN days of Diwali FIREWORKS (Deepawali).
tried to add some sparkles in our new life!
missed dadi for her jest for lighting up diyas and Ganesh-Laxmi puja.

Jagadhatri Puja 2010

|| Jai Ma Jagadhatri ||

Ma leaves us to her heavenly abode.

WooHooo! Sis Won her swimming events

Big sister won all three of her swimming events held in the club pool during third Barsana Annual Sports. Her timings look good so I know she will get the prizes (for me of course) on Sunday.

Cool In-Trend Grandma

Wasn't she something! Check the trendy head band!

Licking time!


If Looks could kill! Cute!

Bhola Bhala baby boy! Those eyes can melt anyones heart!

Precious Memories - Cleaning Times

Siesta! Grandma used to help me out!

Noone's looking, lets tickle the ears!

Cute Hair Syles


Learning to Live Again!

Dear Dadi,
Trying to move forward and build our house from scratch with you in our memories.

Krishna Agarwal - Our Beloved Grandmother

(Ma, Krishna Agarwal, became a star on 28.02.2010 : 2:00AM) Dear Grandma, May the Almighty keep you shining as the brightest star to guide and protect us. Lotsa love and respect.